The Story Behind The Installment Method:

A Legal, Ethical and Transparent Breakthrough Crafted by Real Estate Experts

Co-founder Jordan Shutts (left), home seller Whitney (center), Co-founder Matt Crawford (right)


"I am so happy I worked with Jordan and Matt. They helped me through my issues and were fair and honest. They even offered me more money than all of the wholesalers!" Whitney-

This movement was created by real estate lawyers, real estate brokers and even a real estate regulator. Gary, a real estate attorney and South Carolina Real Estate Commissioner, was a firsthand witness to multiple cease and desist orders being issued in South Carolina against wholesaling. He also witnessed all the workarounds such as novations and powers of attorney that did not correct the issues leading to judicial interaction.

But like you, we believed in wholesaling and the value it brings to the consumer. We all have an immense desire to help people and build a business that is a respected part of the real estate community. 

The Installment Method was born out of that desire to create a legal ethical and transparent platform. We wanted a platform that was seller-centric that would allow us to market and advertise properties on the MLS through top real estate agents. We also wanted to be able to sell properties at retail prices, be able to beat other investors and have more time to complete our deals. 

So Gary began researching wholesaling and novations and how other states’ regulators were dealing with real estate investments. Unfortunately Gary found that wholesaling was regularly under attack in the majority of states nationwide. In the states where wholesaling remained untouched, most had regulators who wanted to stop wholesaling outright. 

Gary’s clients, Matt, Alex and Jordan, were keenly aware of the status of wholesaling in South Carolina and asked the meet with Gary to discuss what the next step would be to allow them to continue to invest in real estate. As Gary walked through the history of wholesaling Alex asked if they could use an installment contract on a deal still in place to save the transaction.  Gary said, “Holy crap, that is the answer.”  Over the next hour, the four walked through the installment contract issues and possibilities of the platform.  Quickly they realized that what they have developed was brilliant and the legal and proper replacement for wholesaling. The movement would fix the issues of wholesaling, focus on the needs of the seller instead of the wholesaler and most importantly be a platform approved by title insurance companies, lenders and closing attorneys.

And the best part, the platform allowed the investor to sell for retail, win more deals and have more time to close deals. THE MOVEMENT WAS BORN!